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BeeCentral helps seniors age in place by providing technology that helps them stay independent and secure.

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Honeycomb Hub

The BeeCentral HoneyComb is a hardware and software platform that integrates smart home devices under one senior-optimized application. 

The flexible platform allows for near universal brand support, allowing the addition of devices without being locked into a brand. The HoneyComb system also provides multi-access which allows residents to share access with friends, family, or staff to help them with day-to-day tasks.

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Woman watching Youtube with their grandchild because they now have a better understanding of their phone.


Residents and staff spend countless hours fixing and adjusting technology. Tying up precious time which could be spent doing better things.

BeeCentral provides training sessions prior to installation and on-going support for any devices, not just the smart home. Relieving staff from having to figure out “why I stopped receiving emails” or “How do I video chat with my granddaughter?”. 

Independent Together

Imagine a resident headed back to their room after a Friday evening community activity. Once there they realize they left their keys somewhere. Now they must call maintenance to drive in to unlock their door. Tired from the long day of activities and having to wait on being unlocked, they enter their dark room. Navigating from light switch to light switch, increasing the chances of tragedy. Finally, to rest in their bed. 

This story doesn’t have to be as painstaking for resident or staff. With BeeCentral, once they call maintenance or their family member because they forgot their key.


No need to be locked into a single brand. BeeCentral integrates with nearly every brand.

Easy to Use

BeeCentral is optimized for the senior community. From our Application to our hardware.


Residents can share access to their HoneyComb with trusted friends, family members, and staff.


We locally host all devices increasing our security levels for each smart home device and our hub.


We support residents and facilities by providing training and technical support.

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Every community is unique, so we work with your team to make sure BeeCentral provides the perfect devices and support needed for your residents and staff.

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