Local Technology Support for Older Adults is Here with BeeCentral’s Helper Bee Membership

BeeCentral Helper Bee Support Membership relieves the technology questions for older adults to help you stay independent and live hassle-free

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE York, Pennsylvania – February 5th, 2024 – There’s a critical gap in the technology landscape. There is growing interest among older adults in using technology, but a significant barrier remains. This challenge not only impacts seniors but also places a considerable strain on their loved ones and community members, who often find […]

Alleviating Long-Distance Caregiving with Technology

Senior mom blowing kiss to daughter on video call while she is helping provide long-distance care

As the elderly population grows worldwide and even more so in Central Pennsylvania, families and caregivers face an unprecedented challenge. Caring for an aging loved one is no small feat, and the task is further complicated when families are spread out geographically. The stress and anxiety associated with long-distance caregiving are significant. The fear of […]

Empowering Independence: The Impact of Smart Home Devices in Senior Living Communities

Simple smart home devices can be life changing for seniors aging in place or living in a community.

As technology continues to evolve, it’s reshaping every aspect of our lives, including how we age. One of the most transformative developments in recent years has been the advent of “smart home” devices. These devices, designed to automate and simplify various aspects of our domestic lives, have become particularly beneficial for seniors. They’re more than […]

Penn State Harrisburg Smart Home Research Initiative (SHRI) Committee to host a virtual symposium on The Future of Aging on April 14.

BeeCentral Technology to take part in the Penn State Harrisburg Smart Home Research Initiative (SHRI) Committee virtual symposium on The Future of Aging.

Harrisburg, PA – The Penn State Smart Home Research Initiative Committee is hosting a visual smart-home symposium on April 14th, 2023. The Future of Aging conference aims to advance the field of Smart Home Research, bringing together industry experts and academic researchers to explore new approaches to the technologies employed in homes, retirement facilities, and […]

BeeCentral Technology Secures $100,000 Investment from Ben Franklin Technology Partners to Enhance Senior Living Communities with Innovative Smart Home Solutions

Ambient Homes, LLC Secures $100,000 Investment from Ben Franklin Technology Partners to Enhance Senior Living Communities with Innovative Smart Home Solutions

New Oxford, PA — Ambient Homes, LLC, doing business as BeeCentral Technology, a company bringing integrated smart home solutions for senior living communities, is delighted to announce a $100,000 investment from the esteemed Ben Franklin Technology Partners. This funding plays a vital role in the advancement and expansion of BeeCentral’s innovative senior smart home technologies. […]

BeeCentral Launches to Revolutionize Senior Living with Smart Home Technology

BeeCentral is bringing the power of the smart home to the palm of senior hands.

Ambient Home is a Central-PA-based company focused on improving the quality of life for seniors. The company integrates various smart home devices, including voice assistants, temperature control systems, smart lighting, and more. Ambient Home is committed to using technology to impact seniors while helping them maintain their freedom positively.

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