Better the lives of seniors through the use of ambient technology.

BeeCentral Mission

Better the lives of seniors through the use of ambient technology.

Our Story

BeeCentral Technology began with the vision of integrating a smart home that would make people’s lives easier. We transformed the Honeycomb from being a smart home platform for everyday users to focus on the senior market. 

Senior woman, Anna, using her iPad with the BeeCentral app to control her new smart home at her community.

BeeCentral Team

Alex Louderback - CEO and Founder of Ambient Home

Alex Louderback

CEO & Founder

Taylor Bull - CFO of Ambient Home

Taylor Bull


John Gallo - COO of Ambient Home

John Gallo


Why "BeeCentral"?

Both Alex and John have a late relative that had a lasting impact on their life named Betty. To honor influential members of their lives the name BeeCentral was chosen. This provides a constant reminder of what BeeCentral stands for and the mission to better the lives of seniors.

The BeeCentral name also reflects how our technology mimics a honeycomb.  Like the flexible but strong structure of the hexagonal cells that make a full honeycomb, our Honeycomb Hub connects all individual devices together to make one full, cohesive smart home. This allows for easy control and seamless automation.

Our Inspirations

These are the fantastic people that gave us the inspiration to help better the lives of seniors. Each one of these people made a lasting impact on each and every one of us and would not be where we are without them.

Bee Keller

Bee Keller - Aunt of BeeCentral CEO Alex Louderback

Betty Gallo

Betty Gallo - Grandmother to Jonathan Gallo, Co-Founder and COO of BeeCentral Technology

Alpron Istalapron

Itsalapron Watts - Grandmother to Alicia Gallo, Wife of COO of BeeCentral Technology
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