Local Technology Support for Older Adults is Here with BeeCentral’s Helper Bee Membership


York, Pennsylvania – February 5th, 2024 – There’s a critical gap in the technology landscape. There is growing interest among older adults in using technology, but a significant barrier remains. This challenge not only impacts seniors but also places a considerable strain on their loved ones and community members, who often find themselves in the role of tech support. In a staffing climate where senior living communities are grasping for staff, this additional need for technology support worsens the already persistent problem.

Recognizing the urgent need for accessible tech support, BeeCentral announces the launch of “Helper Bee,” a service designed to empower older adults with the tools and confidence to navigate the digital landscape.

Alex Louderback, CEO of BeeCentral, states, “Older adults need someone patient and with expertise to help them quickly and clearly. Our patient local experts are here to provide the support older adults need to not only effectively use their technology but be confident in using future technology they acquire.”

With the Helper Bee membership, older adults and their caregivers have access to year-round support tailored to the unique needs of older adults through phone, text messages, video calls, and even Facebook. 

For those desiring a more personal touch, BeeCentral’s local experts are ready to provide in-home assistance, making technology approachable and understandable.

“Caregivers and family members have many other tasks and would rather spend quality time with their loved ones. We want to give them that opportunity by helping the older adults in their life with their technology needs,” says John Gallo, COO of BeeCentral.

The issue at heart is the unmet need for patient, understandable tech support for older adults. This challenge not only affects seniors but also weighs heavily on their families and caregivers, often leading to frustration and missed connections. For only $59.99 down and $29.99 a month, older adults can receive technology assistance from patient technology experts, a free Alexa Echo Dot, and the Helper Bee Hub that helps with common technology problems.

Through Helper Bee, BeeCentral aims to lift this weight, offering a solution that benefits the entire community. By ensuring older adults have the support they need to engage with technology, Helper Bee fosters greater independence, reduces the burden on loved ones, and strengthens the bonds between generations. The Helper Bee service is more than a convenience. It’s a step towards a more inclusive, connected society.

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